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Mass Mailing Request Form

This form is for Cox Business customers that wish to send bulk email to 150 or more recipients as required per the Cox AUP. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us process your request as quickly as possible.

You must have a Cox Business Static IP address. If you do not have one, please contact your local Cox Business support to obtain one before filling out this form.

Note: This form is NOT used for any type of approval process regarding Cox email relay services. This mass mailing approval process will not correct any technical problem that you may be having. If you are having technical issues with the delivery of your emails, email flagged as Spam, etc, please contact your local Cox Business Support Team.

Please read our Acceptable Use Policy

Customer Information

*Your E-mail address:

*The e-mail address that will be used for sending your bulk e-mail (From Address)

*The e-mail address that will be used for receiving replies to your bulk e-mail (Valid reply Address):

*Full Name of your abuse contact:

*Abuse contact e-mail address:

*Abuse contact phone number:

Mailing Information

*Mail Subject:

*Mail Frequency:

*Application used to send e-mail (Outlook, Goldmine, etc):

*Number of Subscribers on your e-mail list:

*Cox Business Static IP address your mailings originate from:

Email Subscription Information

Please walk us through the process from start to finish of how the subscribers are added to your mailing list?
Please add any and all links to your web site where they would sign up.
The more detail you provide, the quicker we can process your request.

What specific instructions do you provide in each mailing to guide the subscriber to be removed from your list?
Please explain how your mailings are Can-Spam Compliant.
The more detail you provide, the quicker we can process your request. 

I have read and agree to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)

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